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Tuesday, 7 April 2020


How To Quit | Your Brain On Porn | PORNOGRAPHY ADDICTION TEST 


Pornography Addiction test | Tips & Tricks

This is an addiction test if you say yes to three or more of these questions then

you have an addiction at least according to the American Psychiatric Association

I want to admit that this is slightly abridged I had to take some things out

and the reality is it's used for substance abuse not for porn addiction

if you say yes to two or less then you can just stop the video and click onto

your favorite site let's go over each one tolerance that's a strange word but

it means casual use increased orb escalated over time in other words do

you watch it for more hours or have you escalated to more shocking or more

extreme porn withdrawal it's not necessary to have withdrawal symptoms if

you have an addiction but most users on our forum

do experience some symptoms when they quit it varies a lot

could be anxiety irritability fatigue, depression those are the most common but

some also experience physical symptoms, like cold and flu symptoms the headaches

the inability to sleep and brothers, number three difficulty controlling your

use so do you use for a longer time than, you'd like to I think that's pretty

clear self-explanatory, number four do you understand the

negative consequences it does to your, mood to your health porn use has been

associated with anxiety disorder and sexual dysfunction

number five neglecting or postponing activities it means are you doing porn

instead of life number six the desire to cut down now most addicts say they can

quit anytime but they don't if you've had unsuccessful attempts to cut down

that would be a yes to that question and last one number seven spending

significant time or emotional energy obtaining using concealing planning or

recovering from use have you ever concealed your porn use I think everyone

can say yes to that here's an explanation on behavioral addictions

it's common knowledge that dopamine raising substances like alcohol

cocaine or meth can cause brain changes that lead to addiction but what about

so-called behavioral addictions these are such things as food gambling sex

video games shopping do they cause brain changes that lead to addiction well of

course they do that's why they are addictions recent research on gambling and especially food has shown brain changes that mimic drug

addiction internet porn no one wants to study it also there

hasn't been time for many study because, it's a very recent phenomenon now you

tell me which is more stimulating eating cheesecake or masturbating to porn it's

known that sex masturbation orgasm raised dopamine levels far higher than

eating food which can you spend more time doing in a day eating you're edging

to porn let's talk about natural reinforcers natural reinforcer is a fancy word for a

non drug activity that causes dopamine release that includes food sex gambling

video games now if you look at the data about only 15 percent or less of drug

users this includes animals to ever become addicted obviously genes are in play as our

childhood experiences if you look at natural reinforces and of course food is

a powerful one we have a much higher percentage of people who can become

addicted though it takes a lot longer than it would with addictive drugs now

if you think about it few people want to be fat yet in modern Western cultures

and punish people are now rats on the other hand don't care if they're fat

when they eat western food almost all of them over consume and become obese not

just fat this suggests two things when it comes to natural reinforces our

reward circuitry evolved it evolved to drive us toward food and sex and not

drugs that's why so many people can potentially get addicted to food and

internet porn the other thing is that highly stimulating versions of food and

sex can hook us even when we're not genetically susceptible to substance

addictions here's the question when can naturally

reinforcers become addictive number one, when they are a highly stimulating

version of what our ancestors found really irresistible number two when

something is available in limitless supply number three it comes in lots of

varieties which is the novelty factor number four we've been joined without

realizing its triggering brain changes now I think modern food and internet

porn fall into all four categories both can override our brains natural

satiation mechanisms the I'm done feeling and that's because calories and

fertilization opportunities really are jeans top priorities our limbic systems

top priority

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Corona virus tips and tricks protect your self

Hello friends, we're sure that by now most of you've got heard all about the coronavirus but rather than panicking.

about it there are a few of things that you simply simply can do to protect yourself.

First lets talk a touch bit about what it's .

So the coronavirus or the COVID-19 may be a flu like virus

that first began in Wuhan, china and was recently

declared an epidemic and as of now there's no cure for it.

As of the second week of march there are around 170k cases.

Of this number 77k have recovered and been

discharged but there have also been 6k deaths.

So that means around 80k people still

test positive for it and haven't recovered completely.

Countries that are hit worst by it immediately are

China, italy, South Korea and iran.

Within India there are about 114 recorded cases of which 13 people have recovered and there are 2 deaths.

The remaining people still test positive for it.

People who could be more suffering from it

are the elderly or people with health issues

like diabetes, heart conditions or respiratory conditions.

And ofcourse people that have traveled to countries

that have a high rate of coronavirus infections

are also at quite high risk also .

Luckily, the one piece of fantastic news is that there are very few cases of coronavirus within children, so it doesn't seem to be affecting them too badly.

Symptoms can start out quite mild sort of a runny

nose, a pharyngitis , a dry cough or fever

but it can escalate to breathlessness and pneumonia also .

If you're experiencing any of those symptoms and

you've traveled to a rustic that's been

affected by the coronavirus or you have been 

in contact with someone who's traveled to

one of them, confirm to urge tested and make

sure to call the hospital beforehand in order that 

they know that you're coming.

For now here are a couple of belongings you can do to remain safe and healthy.

The most important thing that you simply can do is to scrub your hands frequently. you ought to wash them before preparing food, before and after eating, before and after

using the remainder room and particularly if you're someone who takes conveyance .

You can count to twenty while washing to form sure that youre doing it right.

Wash your palms, the rear of every hand,

in between each finger, wash each finger also ,

wash under your nails and upto your wrists also .

Avoiding large public gatherings and crowded rooms

is key at a time like this.

Remember to not touch your face in the least especially

not your nose, eyes or mouth.

Try to not hug people or maybe greet at a time like this.

Its better to stay to a namaste or a verbal greeting.

Keep a distance of a minimum of 1 meter or 3 feet away

from someone who's coughing or sneezing

to make sure the germs don't spread and enter your system.

Cough and sneeze with people in mind.

Make sure to cough into a tissue and canopy your entire

nose and mouth while coughing

and then throw the tissue out immediately.

If you are doing not have quick access to a tissue

then confirm to cough into your elbow or

your shoulder instead.

Take vitamin C tablets or zinc supplements

to boost your system and keep you safe.

Try to keep healthy generally by drinking enough water,

eating healthy food and getting many sleep.

It's really important to not panic at a time like this

so remember to remain calm, follow these tips and share them with some friends and family.

as well to remain healthy and happy.

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How You Can (Do) HEALTHY AND EASY PANEER RECIPE Almost Instantly

How You Can (Do) HEALTHY AND EASY PANEER RECIPE Almost Instantly


Healthy and easy paneer recipe

Paneer is an awesome vegetarian source of
protein perfect to help you shed some extra kilos

Here are 3 low calorie paneer recipes you can try at home!

We’ll make a marinade using some mint leaves, a bunch of coriander.

Some green chillies followed by some ginger and garlic.

We’ll add some amchoor powder and a little garam masala for heat.

Then finally add some salt to season And some pepper

We'll also add some yogurt to help with consistency.

And give all this a blitz in the mixer to form a paste.

Now onto our paneer pieces which we have cut to about an inch and a half wide.

We’re poking them slightly with a knife to help the marinade seep in.

Marinate for at least 30 minutes or as long as possible.

Now we’re going to cook these in a small quantity of oil.

Use a healthy oil like rice bran or olive for this purpose.

Cook on one side for 2 to 3 minutes and turn.

When they’re evenly brown you can take them out.

Next we’ll prep some tomato rings which are the base for these sliders.

We’ll season these slices with salt and pepper.

Then place each paneer piece on its own slice.

Spritz it with some lemon juice for an added kick

These healthy tomato sliders are a great replacement for bread or fattening biscuits!

Clocking in at only 25 calories per piece. Take some soft crumbled paneer in a bowl.

To which we’ll add some finely chopped onions Some spring onion greens for added freshness.

Then some flaxseed powder, which is a great weight-loss agent.

Then some green chillies ground into a paste.

Some ginger-garlic paste (you can use finely chopped if you like)

Just a little cornflour to help with binding Some chaat masala

And pepper as well as some salt to season well. Mix all this together properly.

Once everything is incorporated go in with your hands and shape these into tikkis of

your desired shape.

You can cook these in very little oil.

Make sure that the oil coats the pan before you place in the tikkis.

We’re brushing a little oil over the tikkis to help them brown evenly on both sides

Flip them over.

Let them cook for another 2 to 3 minutes and then you’re ready to serve!

These soft and delicious morsels are perfect for a snack and are only 35 to 45 calories a piece.

Start with a little bit of oil. Preferably sesame oil as it has the most authentic taste.

In which we’ll cook some ginger and garlic.

Both of which aid in weight management. When aromatic we’ll add in the onions.

Once they’re translucent add the mushrooms, which are filling and very low in calories.

When those are soft you can add some red and yellow bell peppers.

Then some soya sauce for flavour along with rice wine vinegar.Some chilli flakes for spice.

And finally some paneer which we’ve cut into small cubes.

And finish with some spring onions. Stir it all till the paneer is coated .

Then finish with some salt and pepper. But make sure you taste to check for seasoning and adjust accordingly, Stir this well.

We’ve separated a few lettuce leaves to form our cup base.

Spoon the mixture generously onto the leaves. Top with a smattering of white sesame seeds and you're all done.

Each of these little cups is between 55-65 calories.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t eat tasty and filling food.

Hope you’ll try these recipes out.

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कैसे आप एक अच्छा व्यक्तिगत स्वच्छता रख सकते है, जानिए यह टिप्स आपको अपने जीवन में अच्छे स्वास्थ के लिए काम आएगी।

व्यक्तिगत स्वच्छता के अच्छे टिप्स एंड ट्रिक्स 

जानिए कैसे मैंने एक दिन में अपने अच्छे व्यक्तिगत स्वच्छता सुझावों में सुधार किया। 

अच्छे स्वास्थ्य के लिए पहला कदम हमेशा अच्छी व्यक्तिगत स्वच्छता रहा है, यह न केवल आपको अच्छा लगेगा बल्कि आपको बीमारियों से भी दूर रखेगा।

अच्छा दिखने के लिए मेने यहां कुछ व्यक्तिगत स्वच्छता युक्तियां दी गई हैं, और स्वस्थ रहें, जितना बुनियादी लग सकता है, हर दिन एक शॉवर लें,

एक जीवाणुरोधी साबुन का उपयोग हमारे या जीवाणुओं को खत्म कर देगा
1-2 उपयोगों के बाद अपना तौलिया बदलना सुनिश्चित करें। आप आलसी महसूस कर सकते हैं,

और सोफा पोस्ट-कसरत पर दुर्घटना करना चाहते हैं। लेकिन वहीं रुकिए जल्द से जल्द शॉवर लीजिए। क्योंकि ऐसा नहीं करने से बैक्टीरिया का निर्माण होगा, और यह आपके संपूर्ण स्वास्थ्य के लिए बुरा होगा। आपकी मूल मौखिक स्वच्छता में ब्रशिंग, फ्लॉसिंग, शामिल होना चाहिए,

मुंह धोने और जीभ की सफाई, एक अच्छी मौखिक स्वच्छता को बनाए रखना नहीं, कई दंत समस्याओं के लिए नेतृत्व कर सकते हैं, और भी बुरा सांस में परिणाम कर सकते हैं।

एक बदबूदार सांस लेना एक प्रमुख दंत बंद है, एक उचित दंत स्वच्छता के साथ, ब्रश करने के बीच, मुंह धोना काम में आ सकता है।
अपना मुंह धोएं, एक कप पानी के साथ, बेकिंग सोडा का एक चम्मच और कुछ बूंदें, रोगाणुरोधी पेपरमिंट आवश्यक तेल। और वहाँ तुम्हारे पास है,

आपका अपना खुद का DIY मुँह धोना। जर्म बिल्डअप को रोकें, अपने अंडरआर्म्स के बालों से छुटकारा पाकर।

यह सुनिश्चित करेगा, कि बाल बैक्टीरिया नहीं फंसता है, और आपको गंध के बारे में चिंता करने की ज़रूरत नहीं है।

जब आप अपने शरीर के बाकी हिस्सों की देखभाल करते हैं,

पैरों की देखभाल करना भी उतना ही महत्वपूर्ण है। अपने पैरों को गर्म पानी में डुबोएं,

सिरका और नमक के साथ मिश्रित, वापस बैठो और 10-15 मिनट के लिए आराम करो, और फिर सभी मृत त्वचा को साफ़ करें। अपने अंतरंग स्वच्छता को अनदेखा करना।

संक्रमण पैदा कर सकता है, और हमारे लिए नेतृत्व कर सकता है। एक अंतरंग धोने का उपयोग करना, आपको किसी भी संक्रमण से बचाएगा।

क्या सार्वजनिक शौचालय का उपयोग करना डरावना और सकल नहीं है?
लेकिन अपने मूत्राशय को बहुत अधिक समय तक नियंत्रित रखना आपके स्वास्थ्य के लिए हानिकारक हो सकता है।

इसलिए सीट कवर, सैनिटाइजर का इस्तेमाल करें, या सभी गंदे कीटाणुओं से दूर रहने के लिए डिस्पोजेबल पेशाब की कीप!

हमें इन टिप्स से उम्मीद है, आप हमेशा तरोताजा रहेंगे और कभी भी चिंता नहीं करेंगे, रोगाणु या संक्रमण की।

आपको यह भी पसंद आ सकता हैं :