Tuesday, 7 April 2020

How to save money | credit card | secret | tips and tricks | Cash back | Offers | 2020

How to save money | credit card | secret | tips and tricks | Cash back | Offers | 2020 


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What Everyone Must Know About HOW TO SAVE MONEY | CREDIT CARD | SECRET

everybody knows about the usual benefits

of credit clips you can get cash back

points you can redeem those things for

awesome travel experiences but there are

also a lot of benefits for credit cards

that most people don't know about one of

my favorites is something called

purchase protection and what this means

is if you buy something with your credit

card and it gets stolen lost or

destroyed within about 30 to 60

sometimes 90 days the credit card will

just write you a check this happened to

me I bought a brand new laptop I'm

sitting there in the coffee shop oh I

dropped my entire cup of coffee directly

in the keyboard I called my credit card

they said send us the bill and wrote a

check for another benefit that your

credit card offers is extended

warranties so if you buy an item with

your credit card they will often extend

that warranty they'll often double it

for up to a year that means that a lot

of the money you're spending on extended

warranties don't spend it you can see me

finally your credit card offers

concierge services this is really cool

you can call them you can ask them to

book certain reservations for you so if

you don't have your own personal

assistant call it the credit card make

them do the work for you they're happy you..

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