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How To Quit | Your Brain On Porn | PORNOGRAPHY ADDICTION TEST 


Pornography Addiction test | Tips & Tricks

This is an addiction test if you say yes to three or more of these questions then

you have an addiction at least according to the American Psychiatric Association

I want to admit that this is slightly abridged I had to take some things out

and the reality is it's used for substance abuse not for porn addiction

if you say yes to two or less then you can just stop the video and click onto

your favorite site let's go over each one tolerance that's a strange word but

it means casual use increased orb escalated over time in other words do

you watch it for more hours or have you escalated to more shocking or more

extreme porn withdrawal it's not necessary to have withdrawal symptoms if

you have an addiction but most users on our forum

do experience some symptoms when they quit it varies a lot

could be anxiety irritability fatigue, depression those are the most common but

some also experience physical symptoms, like cold and flu symptoms the headaches

the inability to sleep and brothers, number three difficulty controlling your

use so do you use for a longer time than, you'd like to I think that's pretty

clear self-explanatory, number four do you understand the

negative consequences it does to your, mood to your health porn use has been

associated with anxiety disorder and sexual dysfunction

number five neglecting or postponing activities it means are you doing porn

instead of life number six the desire to cut down now most addicts say they can

quit anytime but they don't if you've had unsuccessful attempts to cut down

that would be a yes to that question and last one number seven spending

significant time or emotional energy obtaining using concealing planning or

recovering from use have you ever concealed your porn use I think everyone

can say yes to that here's an explanation on behavioral addictions

it's common knowledge that dopamine raising substances like alcohol

cocaine or meth can cause brain changes that lead to addiction but what about

so-called behavioral addictions these are such things as food gambling sex

video games shopping do they cause brain changes that lead to addiction well of

course they do that's why they are addictions recent research on gambling and especially food has shown brain changes that mimic drug

addiction internet porn no one wants to study it also there

hasn't been time for many study because, it's a very recent phenomenon now you

tell me which is more stimulating eating cheesecake or masturbating to porn it's

known that sex masturbation orgasm raised dopamine levels far higher than

eating food which can you spend more time doing in a day eating you're edging

to porn let's talk about natural reinforcers natural reinforcer is a fancy word for a

non drug activity that causes dopamine release that includes food sex gambling

video games now if you look at the data about only 15 percent or less of drug

users this includes animals to ever become addicted obviously genes are in play as our

childhood experiences if you look at natural reinforces and of course food is

a powerful one we have a much higher percentage of people who can become

addicted though it takes a lot longer than it would with addictive drugs now

if you think about it few people want to be fat yet in modern Western cultures

and punish people are now rats on the other hand don't care if they're fat

when they eat western food almost all of them over consume and become obese not

just fat this suggests two things when it comes to natural reinforces our

reward circuitry evolved it evolved to drive us toward food and sex and not

drugs that's why so many people can potentially get addicted to food and

internet porn the other thing is that highly stimulating versions of food and

sex can hook us even when we're not genetically susceptible to substance

addictions here's the question when can naturally

reinforcers become addictive number one, when they are a highly stimulating

version of what our ancestors found really irresistible number two when

something is available in limitless supply number three it comes in lots of

varieties which is the novelty factor number four we've been joined without

realizing its triggering brain changes now I think modern food and internet

porn fall into all four categories both can override our brains natural

satiation mechanisms the I'm done feeling and that's because calories and

fertilization opportunities really are jeans top priorities our limbic systems

top priority

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